WatchMojo: Top 10 Ridiculous Japanese Game Show Moments

Videos related to Gaki no Tsukai and all above mention in this area posted here
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WatchMojo is a well known YouTube channel based in Canada. His specialty is Top 10 videos about... well, almost everything. Facts, comic characters background and other pieces of trivia are included every now and then.

Today they featured this ranking about Japanese Game Show moments. Even though they state that some of it is staged in a gamelike manner, the list is quite biased to include certain content. Also if they want to be accurate, they should have included some of the original names.

Do you think such rankings and lists are good to popularize the shows or do you think they only show the weird side of the story?
thats funny you posted this cause i keep up with watchmojo and saw the video last night and was thinking about posting it here. you're always copying me tigere ;) Saludos!
Since it's a "WTF" list I guess it has to be the most extreme moments and shock tactic stuff is gonna get more views.

However on the voting page, what was voted to 5th was not Gaki no Tsukai but Gottsu Ee Kanji... So that should have included clips like the five rangers, various skits / characters etc. ... game+shows

Gaki no Tsukai actually placed 13th sadly, but they also list separately "Electric Shock Russian Roulette, The Silent Library, Not allowed to laugh game show" etc. which are all "Gaki no Tsukai." Who knows, maybe if all the votes for those had been pooled together then "Gaki no Tsukai" might have been a bit higher.

It's kind of not cohesive to have both entire series and moments though, votes are gonna skew towards a sole moment than two decades worth of moments. Also it seems participation wasn't high for the poll, but that's to be expected (like whenever someone does a poll on Twitch with 5,000 viewers and 20 people vote :D ).
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