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Hey guys, I am a huge gaki no tsukai and gottsu ee kanji fan. I have memorabilia I bought from the no laughing series, I have the original CD of eccentric shonen boy, I even auditioned to be on gaki no tsukai and was finalist once.

Anyways, I am sure a lot of you feel the same way and are a bit disappointed with how tame the no laughing series has gotten and how disappointing it has been with no good sketch comedy (konto) like gottsu ee or Shimura ken (there is currently no sketch comedy TV show in Japan). Or even with no crazy game shows like the human tetris or beat takeshi's castle.

There is a big reason behind this, due to budget costs, the senpai system, actors being too old and Japanese TV being happy with their meal time breaks appeasing the older generation on current TV.

But I for one am sick of this lack of enthusiasm to create great entertainment. I miss the old style of Japanese TV and comedy and am die hard set on bringing it back.The no laughing series with the onsen and when they first started is just so much different than what it has become today. It needs to come back.

Sadly we all age, and I think the gaki team and their age, limits the potential of what they can do. So I went out and found talented and funny people both Japanese and foreigners and have been trying to make a new great team, not to replace the gaki team, but to continue the laughter we all love.

In Japan I am an actor, stunt man, and stand up comedian (I even did some manzai before too). I know people in the business and have been working with many great actors, directors, comedians, etc. However, I also came to realize as a non Japanese person it would be next to impossible to be a regular on a show such as gaki or to even have a hand in any of the creative process. So I aim to first create these sketches and batsu games first on youtube and have fun, build a great team and perfect the art first and then see where it takes me.

Due to a love for gaki no tsukai, for my first video I decided to do a fun video and do it like their cosplay bus tour series. But instead of just copying them I wanted to do something never before done and unique so I create the "cosplay train tour". The first every batsu game done on a Japanese train. Also because it was Christmas I made it Christmas themed.

Talking or acting out on a train in Japan can be seen as rude, but we tried to behave as best as possible, not create a big scene and be respectful to the people around us. We had no problems or complaints and even some Japanese were laughing and tried to join in :) Many Japanese people already gave us feedback and stated how honored they are that foreigners like Japanese comedy and how funny it is to see foreigners doing it as well. Very positive stuff. I hope as non-Japanese you all can accept us as well and have fun with us too.

This is also just the first video and with a very low budget. I know its not as grand or great as a real gaki episode but we all tried our best to make it entertaining as h*ll. Also for the upcoming episodes I aim to fill the cast with more of our Japanese actors and all episodes will be in Japanese with English and other language subtitles.

Please let me know what you think and what you want to see next. I am doing this as a fan for fans. Please be patient and I promise you great content will be coming.

Here is a link to the video we made, please enjoy

First of all, use your real names when introducing yourself. If you are really earnest about comedy you have to do it anyway and it os just common etiquette.

Despite talking about uniquness all you did was copy tour bus from gaki with really really soft punishments.

Maybe try a more neutral envoirnment, since japanese people do not really say they are annoyed , even if they actually are. (Come on, they are coming/going to work)

Currently you are a mix of "impractical jokers" and "little gaki moments", try something really more unique with the idea of entertainment in mind.
Thank you for your response. Yes, we thought the train would possibly be a little risky and maybe some were annoyed as well. But since we are just starting out we could not get the bus Gaki did or think of any interesting place to do it so we chose the train since it was never been done before.

But I found a room we can rent like the shichi henge series so the next one we can do there.

Again I appreciate your feedback and will prepare something more unique and with crazier punishments next time. We did create this for gaki fans, both Japanese and foreign, so I will do my best to try and improve with every video.

Please be aware that we did this without the budget, any writers, no scripts and no help, so it can't be as great as the gaki series (or not for a while anyways), but we do it to the best of our ability and with the fans in mind.
Very good,. .Try not to copy the famous one from Gaki. Because we have seen that way to much (done by other youtubers).
Check out the show Lincoln, they have a batsu game too.
I personally like 100 item challenge (I did this before at an anime stage event) and Genkai series.
Thank you for the comment and the advice. I love lincoln! But admit I need to watch a lot more of it.

Would you be interested in seeing a 100 item challenge done? Or would you prefer to see a more original like batsu game / series.

Again it is hard for us to do anything too grand with not having the budget of a big TV company. But with the cast being all, pretty well known actors and models in Japan in the foreign market (and soon of the Japanese cast as well), we have the oppertunity to grow as well.

I eventually want to make a Gottsu ee kanji like youtube channel filled with sketches, batsus, and more. That is the goal.
I liked your guys' effort, so I subscribed. I would like to contribute in some way, shape, or form to see your show grow! :)

And as someone else said, use your real names, even if it's just the first names! ;)
1-800-ZOM-BIES wrote:
I liked your guys' effort, so I subscribed. I would like to contribute in some way, shape, or form to see your show grow! :)

And as someone else said, use your real names, even if it's just the first names! ;)

Thank you for your input and support. We will definitely use our names next time and for the rest of the journey. And as of right now, just your comments and support means a great deal to us.

We are all actors here in Japan and my main goal is to create a gaki team of top young foreign and Japanese talent. And create a show which is a mix of the old Gaki no tsukai and gottsu ee kanji. But with no writers, no big budget for costumes or sets, and the censorship in Japanese media being super high, it will be no easy task.

Also just to show you some stuff I have currently done.

Here is a commercial currently on Japanese TV with me and Matsuzaka Touri (he had a huge sketch on the current Scientist No laughing batsu game), I was really proud he made it on. Hopefully I will as well one day.


PS: Sorry for the above post on a separate account, I did not notice I got logged into another account
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