[Request] Gaki no tsukai SP 95.12.29

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I'm looking for this entire episode of Gaki no tsukai. It's available on the forum but it stops before the end. Jimmy and Hamada are doing a waking prank (? neoki dokkiri) on Matsumoto but it's not on the video because it stops. I could find it on Pandora (http://m.pandora.tv/?c=view&ch_userid=g ... d=45256562) but with a really bad quality and I can't download it (I don't know how to do so from Pandora. And Tudou doesn't have it ><)
So if someone could help me with that, it'll be very nice.

PS: I know there's a gaki no tsukai section, but I no one seems to request anything there so I thought maybe you can't request (I did not read that on the rules, it's just my observation so it can be false. I didn't know). Sorry if I'm wrong.
Also English is not my language so sorry for weird grammar and vocabulary.
Download 3-4-5-6 part and combined into a single file Gaki no Tsukai #SP (1995.12.29) - Special (2)
Gaki no Tsukai 1995 (257-303)
Thanks a lot!!