[ENG SUB] 20170519 Downtown Now (Imai Tsubasa cut)

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I have subbed part of the episode of Downtown Town that aired on 5/19/17 with Tsubasa as guest. MAJOR thanks to ErnieYoung who provided the raw for me and farsju who kindly helped me with translations.

The description for Downtown Now according to the English Fuji TV website,
This one-hour “almost live” variety show has implemented an innovative production style called “delayed style,” in which the show is filmed only 10 minutes before its air time. In every show, a group of guests who have been through an particularly-unique experiences is invited and get interviewed by various strongly-opinionated TV personalities, not to mention the host Downtown, which often leads to very lively and almost-acrimonious discussions.

It's not the full episode. As denoted by the title, I only subbed the part that featured Imai Tsubasa as guest. He is part of the Jpop duo Tackey & Tsubasa under Johnny's Entertainment. He has appeared on Downtown's Hey! Hey! Hey! a number of times to play games. He has always performed poorly in those games, which is why they joke that he's the "Tsubasa who can't do anything."

Downtown talk quite a bit and lighten the mood, so there's a bit of jokes from them if you're only interested in that. Otherwise, you can hear a bit about Johnny Kitagawa and Johnny's Entertainment from "behind the scenes".

Oh, I'm taking the format of a food blog here. Without further ado,



https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3IrmC ... sp=sharing
Wow! Thank you very much for the subtitles, I used to watch every Downtown Now episodes via Japanese sites but they're all in bad quality. You're pretty lucky that ErnieYoung-san send you a RAW one. :D

I've seen that episode before and I was so curious about Matsumoto-san and Nakai-kun (from SMAP) influenced Imai Tsubasa.
Glad that you subbed it for us, I appreciated it much. :bow:
Oh yes, Ernie was very generous. I didn't know you could watch Downtown Now elsewhere.. I didn't know where to find shows at all so I am very, very grateful for this. I also wanted to know about the story re: Nakai as well, since that was a story I hadn't heard before. I thought there would be others who wanted to know about it too so I really wanted to sub it. ^^

Thank you!
Agreed, Ernie-san is a godsend for us. ^^
Some stories between Matsumoto and Nakai are pretty interesting because they used to be "best buddies" since HEY!x3 or probably "Densetsu no kyoshi". :D
Oh really!! I never knew about that lmao. I guess everyone seems to like Nakai then. That's good. I've always enjoyed Tsubasa's (as duo Tackey & Tsubasa) previous interactions with Downtown on HEYx3 and there's plenty of funny interactions with just Nakai too (I can't remember where I've put a particular clip, but I'll share it if I find it).
Yes, I've seen that episode before (without subbtitles) but thank you very much for sharing with subtitles. It was hilarious, especially Hamada's horrible drawing. xD

I've always enjoyed Matsumoto and Nakai that worked together in many shows like HEY!x3, Gaki no Tsukai (No laughing Detectives), Wide na Show, SMAPxSMAP, ect...
Aaand my favourite is "Matsumoto Hitoshi & Nakai Masahiro VS Nippon TV with 10 millions yen!", a game show where they must NOT say "Ah!" or they lose money. You can find it on [youtube].
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