Hamada on a Sports Show

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So I found a FujiTV post on facebook mentioning a sprts show airing sometime (Possibly weekend) featuring Hamada Masatoshi. Does anybody know what the post says? Thanks :)

For what I know, it seems like a baseball show on FujiTV.

This is actually a part of a promotion for a special program on Fuji TV being aired tonight at 9pm Japan time called 'Junk Sports'. Hamada is the MC and in the photo you placed above, he is with Masahiro Tanaka, a famous baseballer with the Yankees team. I think the program is just a general sports program tracking the progress of Japanese athletes and how they are faring both domestically and overseas. Here's the Fuji TV home page for the special - note Endo also makes an appearance as well as a 'journalist': http://www.fujitv.co.jp/sports/special/junksports/
Junk Sports is a once in a while program featuring athletes. Hamada is the MC. Sometimes in studios, sometimes at location shoots.
For this one, it seems for part of it he went to New York to meet Ichiro and the other Japanese players in the Yankees
Hamada and Ishii went to Tropicana Field (Tampa, Florida).

Thanks to everyone! :)
I'll watch the show later, I'm a bit busy :lol:
Just found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXUboEvs5TY

a bit late but I guess someone will enjoy it.
JUNK SPORTS 2018.03.04 - Life-threatening Sports
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JUNK SPORTS 2018-03-04.zip
Holy cow!!! This was soooo funny!!!! I laughed my oshiri out. Thank you so much, dear Ernie.
JUNK SPORTS 2018.05.20 - Life-threatening Sports
ジャンク SPORTS 【命懸けアスリートSP】
JUNK SPORTS 2018-05-20.zip
It's amazing how Hamada-san can be such a good host on his own. I find it really amazing. Taking a sports show (sports are really boring to me) and make it so funny and enjoyable. His tsukomi was on point. I really like this show, thank you so much, dear friend.
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