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Hamada's real feelings to Matsumoto

Posted: 04.01.2010, 08:43
by ockg814
Hamada has a drink with Ken Shimura and talks about Matsumoto.
Enjoy it :D

Here is another video.
"What if Hamada died tomorrow?"

I know this should be posted in Gaki Talk forum, but it can be a relative one, so let me post it here.
I also know he's just making a joke in the free talk, but I think he said it half as a joke and half serious.

RE: Hamada's real feelings to Matsumoto

Posted: 04.01.2010, 09:13
by Slayeer
Great, gonna watch it in a second, thanks!

Posted: 04.01.2010, 09:17
by SpikeBender
Once again Ockg, you've done incredible work. Thanks!!

Posted: 04.01.2010, 09:29
by iStiRCraZy
thank you for subbing this. good job.

Posted: 04.01.2010, 12:29
by ockg814
Thanks, everyone!

Posted: 04.01.2010, 12:40
by SpikeBender
Damn that was fast! You're an animal Ockg.

Posted: 04.01.2010, 12:46
by ockg814
Originally posted by SpikeBender
Damn that was fast! You're an animal Ockg.

Yeah lol
I'm mad with them :inlove:

Posted: 04.01.2010, 13:16
by SpikeBender
You do great work Ockg, you should be proud. Its nice to see these videos that really look at Matsumoto and Hamada, their relationship, their pasts, etc.

Posted: 04.01.2010, 13:34
by ockg814
Thanks, SpikeBender. You can expect other videos I'll upload.

Posted: 04.01.2010, 13:40
by SpikeBender
Looking forward to them!

Posted: 04.01.2010, 13:57
by iniquiti
Thanks so much, ockg814! I really enjoyed your subbing on non-GnT videos.

I just love the definite no-hesitation they both have in response about each other.

Posted: 04.01.2010, 14:15
by Slayeer
You should put the second video in your starting post. A little bit faster to see for people that you have multiple video's uploaded:).

Posted: 04.01.2010, 14:24
by suzakuryuu
matsumoto's word amazed me....
never though he would said that....

Posted: 04.01.2010, 14:48
by Kanzaki
Well done ockg, you're amazing :inlove:

Posted: 04.01.2010, 15:34
by Erhan
Thank you ockg814, great work.