Shinboru (The Symbol) 2009 [Subbed]

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It's sad that there is not/hasn't been more discussion about this movie in here.

I just saw it and want to know what others think about it, so here is my opinion on how I interpret the movie:
!! Obviously heavy spoilers ahead !!

I think the movie is about sex & humanity.
How everything we do is connected to our sexual drives in one way or another.
This is how I see it; he started out with one penis and when he first "played" with it, other opportunities appeared, but in the end nothing in the room satisfied him so he wanted to get out. I'd say this room is an analogy for childhood.
When he runs through the dark hallway, he's somewhat in puberty. You know how (some) people say that teens/young adults in puberty are searching for their path in life ? They're inbetween the stage of childhood and adulthood, not knowing where to go (running left and right).
The second room is clearly the more adult, darker world he's in now.
He doesn't have fun anymore and isn't trying out a lot anymore, he just goes to one single "button", the one where he actually wins (whatever makes profit in his world).

At the end we see that the mexican guy is not the only one connected to Matsumoto (the urge in himself). We see people all around the world are connected to him in various ways. While the adults can't dream anymore, the mexican kid is the only one who still believes in his father and the dream that he's the best etc.

When Matsumoto now "accends", he shows all the things that sprout from this behaviour.
The last shot could be two things, the future of humanity (the obvious choice), but also death itself.

I think it also depicts humanity's curiosity and advancement to some degree.

There's some christian symbolism, which I don't like, but it makes things fit together pretty well for my theory.

Opinions ?
LOVE this film. Matsumoto did good.
Saw this movie about 2 years ago at a Japanese film festival in my country, way before I discovered Gaki thought the movie was just a little bit weird for my taste, have to rewatch it I'm sure I'll look through it with different eyes now that I know Matusmoto :) - A Torrent Tracker Dedicated To Gaki No Tsukai
I just finished watching this and I was laughing until I got tears in my eyes for some parts and others left me entirely baffled. I believe this movie needs to be re-watched a few times and then seriously thought about before anyone can say something definite about it. A very very weird movie, but also a very good one. For some reason it drew me in and I could not stop watching even though I didn´t understand it at all for some parts (most:D).

Very nicely done Matsumoto, and even more so, an interesting peek into your head.

This combined with Matsumoto - Proffessional and the Gaki-material makes me think about what an awsome place the inside of Matsumotos head must be:D

Cheers from Sweden.
"Hamada. Are you vertically challenged?"
I saw this movie but I forgot to comment about it here. I think this is one of the best movies I've saw in my life (I'm not a fan of movies but whatever) Well, I think you can't watch it like a normal movie... I think the same of Ap2000, but I didn't get the thing of penis of angels ._. The first time I watched it I was like 'what the hell...' but I only understood it in the end (the end made me cry) anyway it's a great movie and matsumoto surprised me and now I see him in a different way
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