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Hi there! I just realized I had an account here and I haven't posted even one thing lol :lol:

Anyway, if someone were to make a Gaki No Tsukai PC game, what would features would you like to see in it? Would you like it to have a bunch of mini-games similar to what they have on the show (like that ass to mouth quiz or that ball smasher version), or would you like it to have a few original mini-games that focuses in hilarity and absurdness? Would you like to have the ability to play as different characters like Matsumoto, Hamada, Yamasaki, Endo, and Tanaka? Would you also like to see the a 24 hour annual batsu mode just like in the real show?

I think that a GNT game would only be fun if it's done in a way where players get to experience all sorts of mini-games and weirdness since that's mainly the spirit of the show. I can't really imagine GNT becoming a platformer game like Mario since it would be hard to include comedy there. It would also be very hard to turn GNT into an rpg game since it's not even serious and rpgs by nature involve characters leveling up by killing stuff or doing quests. Even if GNT were to be a "deathless" game where the focus is on completing quests, it would still be hard to put comedy in it.

As for mini-games, I haven't really seen all of GNT (I've been mainly exposed to the 24 hour versions and a few random episodes), but here are some of my ideas on how to make them work in a PC game:

1. Ass To Mouth Quiz/Word converted into Ass To Mouth Memory Game

Quiz/Word games rely on a set of prepared questions and answers. Sooner or later, people who play the game a lot will end up memorizing the answers and this will lead to boredom despite the feature of having a naked ass ramming into your opponent's mouth. Sacrificing the "quiz" part and instead using a memory type game where key presses are shown on the screen and the player will have to input them, the game will focus more on the player's skill than ability to memorize repeated questions and answers. There will also be time limit that the player must beat in entering the key sequence. As the game progresses, the longer the sequence of keys that will need to be memorized. The battle between two players becomes duel of quick access memory and ability to stay cool under pressure.

2. Ball Smasher Quiz/Word converted into Ball Smasher Light Bulbs Game

Another quiz/word game converted into something else. There can be up to 4 or 5 people playing. Instead of answering questions correctly to avoid having your balls smashed by the ball smasher machine, the players will have to jump when the light bulb above their head lights up. Failure to do so will cause the ball smasher to do its duty! There can be only one man left standing with his balls unscrambled.

3. Avoid The Spankers Game

Just like in one of those 24 hour shows, you play as one of the guys. Every few seconds, a Spanker (or whatever you call those guys) pops up and chases you around. You have two movement speeds, one for jogging and another for dashing. Dashing will use up your stamina but will let you get away faster from the Spankers. In order to totally lose a Spanker, you'll have to dash towards another player and then avoid him at the last moment to let the Spanker bump and spank him instead.

What about you, what other game ideas would you like to see in a GNT PC game? :rofl: - Adeno's Game Development Projects and Studies
I would love to get some scary part.

Like walking through a dark alleyway or corridor.
Faint weird noises on the background, not a lot of light to see well, you know pretty much like in the new year 'do not laugh' episodes at the end.
And try to make the gamer scared / get surprised by flash light or sudden loud noises one could jump up from. (a good example might be from the game amnesia - the dark descent)
You get swallowed into a puzzle like game, but you need to be constantly on your toes as monsters appear. damn scary game if you put the settings correctly (gamma values to what they should be and high sound)

anyways, I'd love to get a good laugh as well as that scary part

Would love a tagger like game as you explained in #3. That would be fun too.

Although, it's less funny to laugh when it happens to you then to see it be done to someone else. And even better if it's gaki members doing it.
They're always there for a good laugh esp when Tanaka falls whenever something explodes or he gets surprised xD
Hmm good idea on the scary part! I also love that Amnesia game, it's the only game that actually scared me and I'm a guy who loves horror lol!

Maybe a little randomness might also be good for the scary part. For example, there are stairs going up. On one playthrough, there will be a ball bouncing down the stairs, while on another there isn't, or maybe instead of a ball you'll be greeted by an upside down Heipo when you reach the top lol!

The puzzle part is also interesting. Maybe the characters can be sent to do little chores like they always do on the show, and certain puzzle elements can be implemented so they can do it. Ghosts and other stuff may pop up at random to cause trouble. Maybe each character will have a little specialty as well. Tanaka, being tall, can reach items placed on high positions like top of cabinets, but whenever a surprise pops up, he'll fall like he usually does. Hamada will be the strong guy and he'll be able to push furniture and stuff around to reveal passages or traps by accident. Yamasaki will be the guy that you can send to test possible traps because he has higher tolerance to scares and pain (he always gets beat on by Chono anyway). Matsumoto, being thinner, will be able to squeeze through tight openings and little holes to maybe help open doors. Endo can... I really have no idea for Endo lol! :rofl: - Adeno's Game Development Projects and Studies
I think a Dungeon Keeper-style game where you build an no-lauging/endurance tag stage then put GnT through it would be great fun. The better you do, the higher the ratings and the more funding you get to put in stuff like bigger buildings, more traps, celebrities, explosions...

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Sorry for resurrecting an old topic again but has anyone else played an old game called Bank Panic?

A Cosplay Bus minigame could work well with the same mechanic if you sped it way up. :D
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