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autopolyploid wrote:
I see we're all a bunch of introverted individuals. :rofl:

You can actually explain it. If you ask all people who play WoW a lot you can be pretty sure they are going to come up with the same results ( at least a majority )
Here we are a community of fans of the same things. Gaki no Tsukai is not common for us, it doesn't appear on our TV whether you are in France, US, Finland or whatever. We found it cause we all had the common taste for Japanese gameshows in general. And usually, in a group of people with the same tastes for uncommon things, there will we a majority of a certain personality type that will come up.

If you ask fans of Michael Jackson to do the test, the results will be scattered. Because MJ attracts attention from a wide range of people.
Solace wrote:
I've done this test once before, Im an INFJ...

@ Zauchi & Yakarin -
Seems like our rarity has lots of questions that are unanswered as it were...
maybe some reading for you guys?

More interesting tho...
I notice more Introverted, Intuitive people on the forum...(as Autopolypoid said)
Does it mean that the Interwebs are full of this type..
or is it just the people who watch Gaki :lol:

Thank you Solace, reading that was really something, it hit right home haha... specially on the "problematic" parts of the type. Now I get why my 20s have seem to be such a mess when it comes to decision making! haha
Konya ga yamada!!
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