So, cosplay gaki games?

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I watched Cosplay Tourbus 1-6, and 1-3 of the Lincoln bus games, and well, I am curious if they have more "mysterious cosplay" games. I finally watched the second cosplay for Lincoln, and after a bit of bad news tonight, the episode had me crying of laughter. I would love to see more cosplay type games, but I don't know, I might have seen them all. I also watched those VS games on youtube a while back where Matsumoto and Hamada would dress up as people and compete in games... (Such as, I remember one was Marilyn Monroe, and the other was Dolly Parton, and they were on stacks of boxes choosing methods to knock eachother down, and another where one was the moon, and the other was a star, and they played these games with a toy train....if you know these games)

So, what else is there, if any of you guys know any? I am anxious for more. These games seem to be very fun.
You may like the Shoji Murakami Class episodes, where GnT (and sometimes guests) have to dress up in the outfit of a particular profession and Murakami orders them to do silly training tasks. They're also good if you like seeing Yamasaki get picked on. XD

Don't have time to get direct links for you, but searching 'shoji murakami' on this forum is a good start.

viewtopic.php?f=0&t=3512&p=30236&hilit=shoji+murakami#p30236 GodzillaRadio subbed a Ninja Class episode

There is also a maiko (geisha) class with Youtube CC subtitles, or at least there was a while ago... hopefully it hasn't been deleted.
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