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Just wanted to see how high are our fellow gakifans :)

So, do you smoke weed or cigarettes on a regular basis?
Nope, for neither. Never really saw the appeal.
Waaaayli ma7chemtich a khay kanzaki?? 7ta wa7ed ma tay kmi rbi3 b7al lmgharba :D :D :smoke: :smoke:

I don't smoke anything either ... I never saw the need or the reason for it ...
||---PEGO---|| wrote:
Waaaayli ma7chemtich a khay kanzaki?? 7ta wa7ed ma tay kmi rbi3 b7al lmgharba :D :D

:smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:


I did once in a blue
I don't smoke mainly becuase I don't see the appeal of it but I do have asthma so that probably contributes to it :P

Why do I need to smoke week when I can just watch Japanese videos. - ... ure=relmfu
Smoking? Nah, I get enough 2nd hand smoke whenever I hang out with my uncle. There's just no need for it. Japanese comedies, anime, and manga are enough to calm or work me up lol. :D
I started smoking weed in 2008 then i quit at 2010 after fucking up my grades, its been a year since the last time i had a pot and i plan on quitting competely. all i do now is smoke cigarrete, mostly 4 stick a day. :smoke:
no, second hand tough , surrounded by smokers |(
Loli+Hama'T'a Kong = Win
Work for Food
I have (semi-)capnophobia.
never really enjoyed no
Never have, and never will try either of them. I hate wasting money enough as it is. Why force myself into a hazardous fad to sink a bigger hole in my pocket? To have a new smell of smoke cologne following me? To fail drug tests to get a job? To give myself breathing problems? I would much rather keep my money and my benefits.
Nah, I'm too much of a square. But most of my family and their friends all smoked cigarettes when I was young and now I get random intense nicotine cravings. ._.

My vices are alcohol, caffeine and dirty jokes.
I do, started about december 2010 to smoke cigs. Smoked weed regularly since. Really got addicted about 3 months ago, i saw it because i realized i was on about 2 days per pack. So now i'm tryin to limit myself and progressivly stop. My bank accoutns got empty...
I'm lucky not to ba a daily weed smoker cause it really does hurt your grades. 4 of my classmates really gone downhill since the beggining of this year.
I don't know why i started, no one smoked in my family, except my older brother, but i was just craving for a smoke one evening ... And i stille can't see if it was purely a fashion thing or if i really wanted it.

I smoke Davidoff because i saw them in a korean movie i like, don't ask me, but i find them strong, taste is not bad and they are king size, so it's jsut a bit smaller than 100s and better than standard.
Otherwise i smoke Gauloises Tactil. Classic french brand but the package is reallly cool and strong.
But my all time favorite was a single pack of New Cleopatra from egypt that i took from my grandpa. They had a very short filter as standard and tasted so natural, definitly better than rolling tobacce, and very strong. Fucked up my head everytime i got one. I only had one pack so i kept for the great occasions. Like a good bath or a smoke by the pool ;)

I smoke weed every now and then, got myself about 40$ worth in total, and from time to time i ask my borther for some, he has a mind blowingly MASSIVE stash of weed. I smoke huka ( or shisha as we call it ) practically daily with my friends.
I used to smoke cigarettes all through college, but quit shortly after graduation. Now I just smoke hookah (legal tobacco products only) on a fairly regular basis. I also smoke e-cigs when at work as well as dokha when I don't feel like setting up a hookah. dokha is basically a fast hitting nicotine tobacco that you smoke out of a small pipe (medwakh).
used to smoke weed, nearly every day, stopped about a year ago. never touched cigarettes.
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