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Great, thanks a lot for all your hard work!
Konya ga yamada!!
1. ... phpbb.html

2. I personally love Skype and use it for meetings at work. I have had bad experiences with ventrillo and teamspeak so I highly recommend Skype plus you have have a ton of people in one conversation.
Hello again!

I am still busy at the moment (I'd rather be doing this... alas)

However, I know a few of you are already eager to start, so... I present to you (drumroll!):

I know I said I was going to buy a domain etc, but lefora seems decent enough and it's probably a good idea to try it out on a free forum to make sure it will work (plus I'm broke lol). Anyway, please make an account and get comfy in the General Discussion section!

When I've got the study section of the forum ready, I will make it visible to members and we can get down to it. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.
Alright folks, you heard the lady. Get on there and sign up, it will help fill out the forum and get the wheels rolling.
:O I wasn't aware Paichu was a lady :)
Konya ga yamada!!
I'm no lady.
When we will start to study? D:
i downloaded this a long time ago and i'm still learning's an ebook file but its worth it...27 gbs ... rning-pack
:O 27gbs of learning woah! Thank you :)
Konya ga yamada!!
hey guys I found a nice way to improve your reading on katanaka and hiragana ... it's the lyrics of the song "エキセントリック少年ボウイ" 'Eccentric Shounen Boy' :lol:
Wow~ So many good resources...Thanks everyone! :bow:

"Check out its dynamism..."
Auuuugh I left this thread for too long, spambots are posting! Geddouttahere!

I'm very sorry I haven't updated this group more. I was all hyped up to do this like you wouldn't believe! then work issues jumped up and down on top of my head for two weeks straight.

I may now resemble a Goomba, but I intend to get this party going as soon as possible. Keep an eye out over the weekend :]
Hey everyone, I posted something up on the study groups website. Also bringing this post back to life. I have been finding I have alot of free time the day of my Japanese language class and will be (with Paichu's permission) starting to head up some stuff for the study group. For those really interested in learning please head to the website, sign up and read the FAQ/Announcement threads, and give me some feedback.

Thanks guys and gals I hope to see the study group get up and running real soon. (Literally by Monday next week). Dozo arigato gozaimasu!

-- 23.07.2012, 12:48 --

Posted up some new stuff on the Study group website, stop by and chat!
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