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Sefidum wrote:
Funny thing is that the ergonomics tells you to sit like you described, but think about it. We humans have not evolved that much physically since we left the cave (except becoming taller and that because we eat better food as young) and I promise, the caves did not come fully equipped with chairs that helped us sit with 90 degrees angle. So what is the most "natural" sitting position for humans, regardless of what we are used to? I am temted to say crosslegged or some-such on the floor...

Cross legged on the floor seems the natural original position to me. The Arabs, the Persians, the Asians and the Africans still sit like that on formal occasions.
^pretty much indeed
Kanzaki wrote:
Another thing: You feel MUCH MORE comfortable when you have something to put your feet on while sitting. I did experience both situations and I feel better when there's something I can put my feet on: a horizontal bar under your desk near the floor for example, or a small elevation.

I wonder if I'm the only one who noticed that...

that's what i was saying. When there's nothing, don't do it.
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