This is my Third time writing this so I'm actually very annoyed in a way however I do want the opinions on these songs and put them out their in a way.
This is known as Fish Fight done By Yaen. reason for searching Yaen is takaaki ishibashi (Taka-san known for being in the comedy duo Tunnels and for doing the music show Utaban with Smap leader nakai masahiro). After hearing this song three days ago their have been random moments where I have said Fish fight for no reason what so ever.
Q1- I'm crazy for liking this song or is it that damn catchy. ... re=related
Yatta By Green leaves/Happatai. A Endo Shozo type music video. The guys singing are 6 famous comedians. The three from Neptune (Jun Nagura, Taizo Harada, Ken Horiuchi) and three others, I would usually have names of these guys by know However, I don't trust Google Translator as it told me a couple days ago that Iwao from football Hour is a dress while looking up Suberanashi Hanashi. This song become very popular as they managed to get on Jimmy Kimmel Live. By the way the first time I watched it I couldn't find Ken it wasn't until the third time that I realized which one he was. Jun-san is probably the most easiest due to his unique jaw.
Q2- Again I'm crazy for liking this song.

Is any-one up for subbing this third song by Amemiya signing about Neptune. ... =endscreen

Sorry if their are any mistakes even though I was born and raised in Scotland, English is probably my worst subject by far.
Their is a high chance that these might have been posted before but I don't really know as their are now like 6,000 off topics.
By the way you don't have to answer the questions but opinions would be Nice.
Arigato From Ally aka Cocoricoandyamazaki.