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I've been dreaming a lot about an automatic subtitling sofware that translates japanese speech into english text ..

I've found few text to speech softs , tex to text softs and english to jap translators , but no japanese to english speech to text translator ..

does anyone have an idea to do this ??softwares ???

I'm sur it would help a LOT for subbing gaki vids ...

here is the best thing I've found ! a perfect japanese to english translating software : it does translate jap oral and special expressions!


IF anyone does have some softs or something helpful just post here :drool:

I'd say that the closest thing you come to a good translater is google translater... and that sucks to be honest. I don't think there's a thing like a "japanese speech into english text" software.
Japanese is just way too complex for that...

I can't see your youtube video for some reason... There's just a white box when I press "show"
Shinpai nai, mondai nai nai nai, that's life, it's alright
Or in english : Don't worry, there's no problem, that's life, it's alright

That would be awesome.

That's nice and all, but it being available to the public won't happen for years.
It was impressive but nothing you will witness within the time frame you could earn a master degree in japanese.

when was that video broadcast ? from the looks of it, quite a long time ago... I wonder how much the technology has advanced since then.

Originally posted by GarbloJones
when was that video broadcast ? from the looks of it, quite a long time ago... I wonder how much the technology has advanced since then.

it was from 1998 , it's quite old ...
there might be something out there in the web that has the same propreties as that "atr matrix" software.

for my case I've found these : "Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) 5.3" and "e-speaking"

maybe after transforming the japanese speech into text we can then translate it using a text to text translator and then correct all the sentences into formal enlgish .

I believe something like that could work, if you could find a program, and than translate the translated gibberish into common english, you could run it through and actualy subtitler like shibata and see how accurate it is.

Unless it's anything close to the translator in the vid it's not going to work. I have yet to find a text to text translator that could correctly translate japanese without it turning into gibberish.
Has anybody tried "Amivoice ES 2008"? It's Japanese speech capture software and seems to work pretty well with mic input. It can also accept (audio) files:

Maybe this can help
But there are mostly also background sounds and other people talking and laughing. I guess the voice software couldnt understand the most.
Yeah, that may be true. I would've liked to try it on some Gaki videos, but can't seem to find a free (trial) version of it
That'd be cool and even if it did work I'll doubt it'll be as efficient.
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