[TuT] How To Make Hard-Subs

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AVI is a common video format so it gets mentioned a lot but you can indeed have a hardsubbed MKV, MP4 etc. I'm not sure why you're getting movement glitches, but since converting to AVI was possibly an unecessary step might as well try with the original video file. Best of luck.
Thank you very much Soudou. I tried again with the original mp4 video file Hotel Employee Batsu and appeared this message: "H.264 detected: If the file is using B-frames as reference it can lead to a crash or stuttering. Avidemux can use another mode which is safe but you will lose frame accuracy. Do you want to use that mode? Yes or No". I click No and cancel the process. Maybe that was what happened during the first time. I´m not sure.

After that I tried the same batsu, but in mkv and appeared the message again (I converted this mp4 above to mkv months ago because my TV only read ass sub with mkv video file. But some batsu parts,"signs" doesn´t show the sub, only their codes, thats why I´m looking for hard-sub them).

:?: I was wondering, why I could do with avi Police station, and not with mp4 and mkv Hotel Employee? So I deleted the old Hotel Employee avi file, and converted the original mp4 to avi again. Maybe I did something wrong. And indeed something change, the first time took 4hs to hard-sub, and this time took 1h40m. Hope.

I´m already watching the hardsubs Batsus perfetly on my TV!!! :inlove:

Results: here in my notebook, the Avidemux only hardsub avi files lol this is a amazing program and I don´t know what about my note lol

Happy, going to hardsub 2012 and 2013 batsus...

Thank you Soudou and JAndrade :bow: