Decryption keys

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Hello, I don't know if this has been covered before, but feel free to delete this if it's done already. I Was wondering how to get the decryption keys for the mega files, thank you
Long answer: It’s a super top secret technique that nobody will be able to figure out!
Short answer: It’s in the zip file.
I apologize, i'm not used to computers so i have a few more questions,Image i can't access the zip file itself , would it be possible to clarify the steps needed? Thank you and i apologize for my bad english.
On this community , on the post you found the mega link, if you logged in, you can find another link, usually it's under the picture and has the same name as the file you want to DL, if you click on this link, it start to DL a zip file, if you open this file you can find another file in it, I usually open it with "notepad" and in this you can find the decryption keys you need for the mega