Gaki Trivia (results)

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This is the results thread for the weekly Gaki Batsu Trivia Event:
read more about it here: Gaki Trivia (every sunday!)

In this thread I will post results of gaki trivia every week, including the winners, participants, and past questions.

Trivia Event #1:

Gojinki- 8
Jar of Jam- 6
D3nnis- 4
SpikeBender- 3
Vylen- 3
Toramdo- 2
Tabris- 2
Erhan- 1
Rocky Iwata- 1
Secteen- 0
*Following the question is the name of who got it right*

Questions from Police Batsu:

What order did they lose the competition to participate in the police batsu.
answer[spoiler]endou, yamazaki, hamada [/spoiler]
which of hamada's knees had the bear on it
answer[spoiler]left [/spoiler]
during shiritori, what was the first word hamada used.
answer[spoiler]ka(mosquito) [/spoiler]
what time did chiaki announce it was?
answer[spoiler]10:00 [/spoiler]
Questions from Hospital Batsu:

what would the big fake pregnant "lady" name her baby if it's a boy
answer[spoiler]hyuuma [/spoiler]
What is the title of matsumoto's brother's book?
answer[spoiler]hitoshi, do you recall these [/spoiler]
fill in the blank.
Yo yo! I'm MC Naoki.
I'm a ____ and ____ rapper.
Jar of Jam
answer[spoiler]hairy,filthy [/spoiler]
How much money did heipo think he could get megumi for in his apology letter?
answer[spoiler]$250, 25000yen [/spoiler]
The turned around sign at beginning of hospital batsu that endou was sent to correct, what did it say?
Jar of Jam
answer[spoiler]Watch out for pit [/spoiler]
Questions from Hotel Batsu:

what does matsuko deluxe say to hamada while frisking him?
Jar of Jam
answer[spoiler]Are you hiding a bomb in those lips [/spoiler]
what does the hotel receptionist maeda bibari say she makes a month?
answer[spoiler]$1200 [/spoiler]
The song that the black van driver sings along to, what band sings that song?
answer[spoiler]ELT [/spoiler]
What name does shin onii make up for sake?
answer[spoiler]Method to kill a swallow [/spoiler]
Questions from Highschool Batsu:

what is the name of the student that faints during the assembly?
answer[spoiler]Watanabe [/spoiler]
Fill in the blanks of this haiku:
if ____ doesn't give you ratings, give them ____.
answer[spoiler]ramen, dogs [/spoiler]
What does the english teacher murakami shoji, have the English speaking assistant identify for the class.
answer[spoiler]cabbage, tomato [/spoiler]
what was yamazaki's nickname in middle school.
answer[spoiler]potato [/spoiler]
Questions from Newspaper Batsu:

While talking the the receptionist, yamazaki states that this is the favorite dish his wife makes.
Jar of Jam
answer[spoiler]tonkatsu, pork cutlet [/spoiler]
what color was the button that dropped candy from the ceiling?
answer[spoiler]red [/spoiler]
What color was chouno-san's missing notebook?
answer[spoiler]pink [/spoiler]
which food did hamada complain about that got him slapped?
answer[spoiler]tempura [/spoiler]
what does fujiwara call the panda and the actual name?
Jar of Jam
answer[spoiler]mun mun, nun nun [/spoiler]
Questions from Onsen Batsu:

What does the room attendent call endo?
answer[spoiler]endomamesan, mr. greenpea [/spoiler]
what does tanaka ask the black sushi chef?
answer[spoiler]from which ocean did the fish come from [/spoiler]
What does endo say for something red and something green during the impersonations game?
answer[spoiler]pasta, pima(bell pepper) [/spoiler]
which 2 were not able to pull out any nosehairs?
answer[spoiler]tanaka, matsumoto [/spoiler]
Questions from Yugawara Batsu:

who is scheduled to fight dynamite shikoku?
answer[spoiler]escargo man [/spoiler]
what did yamazaki think the pantyhose in his soup was?
answer[spoiler]bean curd [/spoiler]
General Batsu Questions

put these in backwards chronological order: hospital, onsen, hotel, police, highschool
answer[spoiler]hotel,hospital,police,highschool,onsen [/spoiler]
name the five gaki members and the color associated with each.
Jar of Jam
answer[spoiler]M-red,H-blue,Y-Green,T-purple/pink,E-yellow/orange [/spoiler]