Obachan #3 passes away

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iniquiti wrote:
RIP :'(

Kanzaki wrote:
joker wrote:
@Kanzaki, ur rank is her u make me sad again ;(

Blame ini for that ^^'


although, ini one makes me laugh harder :^)
Rest in peace Obachan, you gave us so many laughs, you will be missed. ;(
very sad :( RIP
sad news. R.I.P. :(
The world has lost another funny soul. :( Goodbye, but now she will be concocting laughs from the after life.

I hope she made it to L.A.

The Yugawara batsu game is probably my favorite of all and she is all over the place in that one. She will be missed.
Goodbye, obachan #3... ;(
Rest in peace! Don't worry. She will be fine.
You will be missed Obachan 3
Rest in peace obachan. im gonna miss you everytime i watch batsu game
wasn't she #2 ?? obachan #1 is the kissing one right ,but who is the third obachan?
jole884 wrote:
wasn't she #2 ?? obachan #1 is the kissing one right ,but who is the third obachan?

She was #3, I posted a pic of #2 on page 1 of this thread.
hamachan wrote:
Sad. She was funny! I remember her holding L.A. sign on the road:)

:( ;( She will be missed. I admired her professionalism. Not once did I ever see her break role.
Oh man, she was awesome.

Shame she had to die at a youngish age.
She offered me many laughs. RIP.
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