GodzillaRadio's J-BUROGU is now a friend

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Hey everyone,

GodzillaRadio has been hard at work on many projects for the forum, and gets them done in a unprecedented timely matter. While he has been a friend of the forum since he's been here, he now has the honor of being displayed on the main page. This is an honor for subbers who make an abundance of contributions. We hope to see a lot of Subbers on the main page in the future.

Thank you for your tremendous work GodzillaRadio. :clap:

- Jordan
Congrats! Well deserved :)

I was just looking at that list on the front page a few days ago....
Nice to see the work appreciated guys and girls!
Che, Che,Che, Check it out! http://jburogu-godzillaradio.blogspot.com/
Your subtitles are purely amazing - thank YOU ! :)
Yeah man, I've enjoyed several of your subtitled movies. I laugh when their so perfect that I forget I can't understand Japanese, lol.
Your Shabekuri 007 videos make my day. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!

Wait , wrong forum . You don't post those here ^^
yes, thanks GodzillaRadio for all your subs!
we had a great time with them. domo arigato :bow:
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