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Endo Shozo!

Posted: 15.04.2010, 02:02
by 4grandma
His first appearance of Dynamite Shikoku (costume)
filmed maybe 1998.

Posted: 22.04.2010, 04:14
by MorizakiVS
Wow, I have been looking for this for a long time. By your icon I can see you are an Endo fan ( obviously lol). He is one of my favs too. Also, I dunno about you but whenever I see Dynamite Shikoku, i crack up laughing. :) Thanks again.

Posted: 22.04.2010, 11:22
by Sal
its gone already ..its gone..argh...

Posted: 22.04.2010, 12:03
by alfred_49
This one?:


Posted: 22.04.2010, 16:08
by 4grandma
yes that one but it is only part of his costume Dynamite Shikoku :/
I will find this episode soon as possible and i will re-post here.

Posted: 01.05.2010, 10:07
by ping41

Re: Endo Shozo!

Posted: 28.04.2011, 17:13
by amuroveldaz
#386 - shichi henge 8 - Endo Shozo ココリコ遠藤 - 21.09.1997
Found it at
no sub tho..

Re: Endo Shozo!

Posted: 11.09.2011, 18:06
by GnTFanNovaScotia
My favorite of his changes when he's having an orgasm from fondling his pecs while a girl in her bra and panties records on a camera. OMG, I'm getting aroused just by thinking about it, and it's a sin I'll go to hell for if I don't repent while I'm alive today. :* :inlove: :$ :|