Tetsuo from Wari Meshi attempts the Shichi henge.

Isn't it already posted somewhere around the forums?
Nope.. you must be mistaken, this is "Tetsuo Shichi henge.. episode 941".. I didn't see this episode in any other forum.. if this was already on here.. then it should of been in the "Shichi henge Forum"!

It's posted here

Koumoto Shichihenge

And there was a previous thread titles Tetsuo with the same video, but that one seems to have disappeared.

Alrighty than, i must have mistaken it for other footage i've seen around the internet.

Hey! Here you go! You can download it from Megaupload (With subs!! :D) Right

Courtesy of L-Z Fansubs (I don't know if they have a Web or something... Sorry!) ;(

Don't forget to thank! And please tell me if you like the episodes on MU

the vids on youtube have been taken off due to copyright..

who made the 63000 yen ?

to OrosaMx:
i love when stuff gets uploaded on MegaUplad!! cuz then i can DL ity and add it to my collection... so i wish everything would be upped there... ;P keep up the good work!!
Anyone know whats the song they play while he does the hand in water gag?
Here's a re-uploaded version (with subtitles) I managed to find on the internet if anyone's interested :nod: