Episode #1202 2014.04.27 - TKO Kinoshita Shichi-henge

Kinoshita is the 41st challenger of this series.
初の自ら立候補! TKO 木下 七変化~!!
Gaki_140427_#1202_TKO Kinoshita Shichi-henge.zip
I like th shichi-Henge series. I loved the Heipo Horror shichi-henge one :lol:

As always, thanks Ernie :)
This shichihenge was hit and miss...
I had kinda expected more from Kinoshita
The only real highlight for me was the messing around with the food and the picture. Other than that, it was probably one of the poorer Shichi Henges they've done. Can't believe Kinoshita made 10th :^)