Episode #1299 2016.04.03 - Hollywood the Consho Shichi Henge

Shichi Henge returns for another edition this week, featuring up-and-coming comedian Hollywood the Consho, who recently won the R-1 Grand Prix comedy competition which aired early last month.

The guy was also on Downtown Nau (which at some point sneakily reverted back to the format of Downtown's previous show on that block, ie. going out drinking with Sakagami Shinobu and having more or less serious talks with other celebrities).

He debuted at the same time as Jinnai Tomonori, Nakagawa-ke, Kendo Kobayashi and Tamura Kenji around 1992. He used to be in a kombi, but his partner quit in 2002. Apparently he has been doing the same kind of humor for all this time, but it wasn't until the latest R-1 that he got any attention.