"Absolutely Tasty Series 3 - Taiyaki"

This is a series of cooking segments in which the comedians prepare foods, either traditional Japanese dishes like taiyaki, takoyaki, nabe and chawanmushi or foods like pizza, with unusual ingredients to use as fillings or flavors, which is eaten later and given a score ranging from two "skull marks" to ten stars.


Subtitles: by DTFS. (Hardsub)

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Non-Subbed version

WHOA I absolutely want to try FRISK XD. it must be very very very disgusting :D

Thanks for the mirror, greatfire ;)
Hey, thanks for posting this... I love the zetai oishii series. Unfortunately, I can't download files on my laptop. I was wondering if someone could please post a streaming link for this video. Thanks!

Thanks very much, Sh@dow!

Originally posted by Shishamann
WHOA I absolutely want to try FRISK XD. it must be very very very disgusting :D

It's really no different from any Tic Tacs or breath mints, just a bit powdery xD

yep. download it, enjoy it.

Could someone please upload it to Megaupload or Megashares? :)


Guess someone had it already uploaded ;D
thanks to him!

this is my favorite one out of all them and the fact that endo keeps using those mints is truly a mystery to me.
(subbed) Downtown's Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende - Absolutely Tasty : Taiyaki
Thanks to DTFS =D

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Here's a Youtube version.. just in case people can't view videos on Veoh! :)
Part 1 (English Subbed)

Part 2 (English Subbed)