Hot Pot/Nabe

Gaki no Tsukai; Absolutely Tasty; Hot Pot. At least I think it's a hot pot... they just boil it in an earthenware pot.. :l

Length: 23:54
Size: 266 MB
Subs: None; None Needed.

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I'm in the process of uploading the other three I have; Noodles, Tempura, and Mochi.

Hello, welcome!

Thanks, it's very nice of you to share your videos with the community ;)

If you have something else apart from Absolutely Tasty videos, please share :D

Most of my stuff's been uploaded. :(

I have all the batsu games, all the 5rangers skits, and some other stuff that people uploaded.

I felt bad being a leech so I decided to upload my Absolutely Tasty stuff, since I only saw Taiyaki on here.

Thank you very much.

If everybody was doing like you, the internets would be even better than it is :D

Haha. If you say so. But the internets can't get much better than it already is. But yeah, I'm almost done uploading Tempura, and I'll start on the next 5 I have.

It can't get any better? I won't be good enough until I'll be able to download the girl in my avatar irl :D

Thank you ;)

Haha. Just get one of those 3d Printers, and print it onto an adult.. doll.. :l

Nabe dishes or hot pot dishes are prepared in a hot pot, usually at the table. Typical ingredients are vegetables such as negi (Japanese leek) and hakusai (Chinese cabbage), various mushrooms, seafood and/or meat. There are many regional and personal varieties, and they are especially popular in the cold winter months.



Learn more:

This serie is a great opportunity for thise who want to learn more about the Japanese gastronomy :D

Just curious about something. Is it against the rules for me to use linkbucks links? ;o

Originally posted by Jonneh
Just curious about something. Is it against the rules for me to use linkbucks links? ;o

Umm I'm not the admin, but I definitely think that Linkbucks - Popups, undesirable ad, etc.. - isn't safe for our users.

Do these things actually work? I mean.. do you earn big bucks using that ?

Yeah, they work. But it's pretty insane the amount of hits you have to get for a legitimate payout.. so I'll just not use it. xD

yamazaki's nabe looks disgusting -__-
and matsumoto with his 2 courses..

A great idea would be to have this Downtown fanpage post some of the recipes from these tasty shows. Of course the ones that they approve of. :D

Hey guys.. im really enjoy watching this series! Thanx to you~
but, i think it would be funnier if i understand what they are saying.
i really hope somebody can translate all "Absolutely Tasty Series".
i watched the Takiyaki episode with sub and i realize, whats funny about them is what they were saying to each other~ =)
please guys please~~ i beg you.... anybody...

What the?! I thought I have all the Absolutely Tasty Series videos. I've never come across this one on youtube or veoh or anywhere. Downloading now!