why tanaka doesn't eat his first takoyaki?
i don`t think this episode will be subbed,but at least try to request it from ShibataBreading and DTFS because they are more actively subbed some GNT episodes.
Shibata Bread is currently working on subbing the Spy episode. It'll probably take a while before he even looks at it.
FlyingClover wrote:
why tanaka doesn't eat his first takoyaki?

Tanaka stated that he (accidentally) ate it with direct hand. My guess Tanaka doesn't feel it clean anymore and therefore refuse to eat further. Hamada and Matsumoto were not amused by this and decided to demoted his point from 7 to 5 (originally was 6 by Matsumoto, thinking Tanaka did not enjoyed his own dish until Tanaka explain about the hand. Annoyed, Hamada decided Tanaka deserved 5 for the antics)
Best part of the episode,


This was subbed by joker I believe. Actually all the episodes up to the most recent have been subbed, I have all of them. However, most of them are not hardcoded.

edit: There are 12 episodes in total I think, from the looks of my folder its all subbed. Though the pasta one needed some QA and editing done :)
i finished all of the remaining 5 or 6 of the episodes
re-uploading them soon after batsu games 8)
You resubbed the episodes? lol
Bunkie wrote:
You resubbed the episodes? lol

i mean i finished the remaining untranslated episodes that DTFS, zurui and Shibata didnt subs 8)
needs a reupload