Gaki no Tsukai #1059 -Absolutley Tasty Bibimbap- 2011.06.19

are? i cant extract it? password wrong?~
is the password change?
updated the 1st post with the 720p version links. Have fun!
Alternative 1 link mirror.
HD Version (Subbed )


Have Fun Watching ;)

I got wrong password error.
thank you very much for uploading, but how come I couldn't see the sub file after downloading? and the hard sub hd file is down.....thanks
re-upload, please! without subtitles
4c. wrote:
re-upload, please! without subtitles

Depositlinks in the first post still work. You can remove the softsubs.
Haha i loved this episode! Thx for upload!
New Download Links :)


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Code: Select all no Tsukai 2011.06.19 #1059 Absolutley Tasty Bibimbap.mkv
Is this subbed??
Funny episode
Arlekin wrote:
Is this subbed??

Yes. Check the thread prefix :)
Fengson wrote:
Yes. Check the thread prefix

Dude, have you check the date in my post?? Is friggin old. No need to reply a 6 months old question