Gaki no Tsukai #1059 -Absolutley Tasty Bibimbap- 2011.06.19

Update from 2012.02.26: 720p version now available! The download includes the softsub from shibatabread.


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Once again, you are the man... just about to watch but after looking the dish up online I want to try my own... although probably not with whatever the crew uses this episode :D
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Ahhhhh! A new Absolutely Tasty! Yatta! This has to be one of my favourite parts of gaki, I love all the crazy food they come up with. Thanks again for the prompt upload hand :)
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Thanks a bunch Hand. Great work. For those looking for the vid online, its on youku, search for its name in kanji.
Haven't seen yet, but guess since Frisk food finally got pretty good score last time, there won't be Frisk Bibimbap this time. :lol:
Before anyone asks, I'll go ahead and put up an ingredient list for this episode and some explanations to what bibimbap is:

Likewise this is you're one and only spoiler alert before reading ahead (I won't list results here ... but you can imagine the result of some of them after seeing the ingredients list).

Bibimbap is a Korean dish that in its most basic form is just rice with lots of different toppings: often vegetables, an egg, and a choice of meat. Served with a spicy sauce on the side. In this case, they use a heated stone bowl (Ishiyaki bibimbap) that heats the food and if done right will lightly burn the rice touching the bottom into a crispy crust.

1) Miyako Konbu and Konbu tea. Konbu is a type of seaweed. Miyako Konbu is a brand name for a snack for of dried konbu that's been flavored with dark vinegar.
2) "Breakfast bibimbap" with corn flakes, bananas, yogurt, and a salad.
Tanaka's first bibimbap has seasonal vegetables and an egg, while the second one does not.

1) "Monjayaki" bibimbap with Monjayaki battery, mentaiko (pollack roe), and baby star brand crispy noodles. Monjayaki is known as a runny version of okonomiyaki, which is a fried cabbage pancake.
2) Kinako: soybean flour.
Both are with vegetables and egg.

Endo (He has a summer theme):
1) "Beer and Snacks" bibimbap with asahi beer, edamame, mixed nuts, and ukon (tumeric).
2) Watermelon and salt.
Ditto to Tanaka.

1) Custard style pudding
2) Tapioca pearls and coconut milk.
Only the second one had vegetables and the egg.

1) Instant Coffee
2) Beef from a bunch of cup noodles (the meat in Japanese cup noodles are actually really good, they taste and have the texture of real beef, making them far better than their western counterparts).
Both had vegetables and egg.
Thanks wings, I was confused about some of that stuff.
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where is my HD~~~~~~~~~ :o
just joking but i really need my HD for my home theatre screen lol :P

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