Just in case this hasn't been posted.

I'm temporarily out of retirement :)


Bibimbap - Subbed by our beloved Shibata: ... imbap.html

Welcome back !! :inlove:
awesome job shibata !
:clap: :clap: Welcome back Shibata-sama.. :clap: :clap:
and thank you for your work.. :bow:
Thanks Shibata, you are awesome. I love your subs.
shibata can you upload the subtitle file please if you dont mind :)
Holy crap! thanks :D will you upload that ass file?
why don't you ask joker, he said that he's going to extract the sub to fit into HD. maybe he has it.
Awesome Shibata is back, at least for a little while, seems like Christmas came early this year, lol
thank you, Shibata!
wow! tanaka is freakin hairy!!!!! no wonder machan lost his appetite!
Matsumoto computer calculates...
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thx for the .ass!

(that sounds horrible for anyone without a clue :D)