Episode #1126 12.10.14 - Absolutely Tasty

This one doesn't seem to be themed around any specific dish. Didn't have enough time to watch it fully yet so I don't really know what's it about.


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archive blocked for part 1 mediafire
Both files are blocked!!!!
depositfiles worked well for me! thanks #hand :bow:
Thank you! :bow: Laughed really hard with this one, despite lacking subs. I even want to try the dishes that were cleared for yummy;D
no idea whats wrong with mediafire. i'll investigate that issue tomorrow.
Yep, Mediafire files are blocked for some reason.

Depositfiles link works fine though.

Arigatou, Hand-san.
And yeah, Tanaka has to try one with his beloved wiener sausages.

Using clear soups for coffee doesn't really sound that bad at first since there is spiced coffee around.

And Endo's cinema sushi, with cola as soy sauce! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Have you guys noticed Matsumoto's arms and pecs? Holy crap he's bulked up quite a bit!
Neoattorney wrote:
Have you guys noticed Matsumoto's arms and pecs? Holy crap he's bulked up quite a bit!
ooh yes! Not only the food that is yummy to look at;D
Thanks!!! Love Zettai Oishi series!
I really liked this episode. Having much, much less of the narrator made it feel very fresh.
I like the old setup better because you get to see the before and after.. Half of these I wasn't sure what was odd about the food.
Although, with this setup you do get to see more concoctions which is good.
I prefer the old setup, this just felt too rushed somehow
I laughed so hard at the faces they were making. Somehow it's funnier when it doesn't have subs. That being said, I would love to know all the ingredients. Are subs coming for this?