Episode #1316 2016.08.07 - Absolutely Tasty Okonomiyaki

Following Silent Library's return earlier this year, yet another revival of an old popular segment is on the menu for this week. This time, it's the Absolutely Tasty series, which will have its first episode in almost five years :rock:

The theme for this episode is okonomiyaki, which has been used as an ingredient in other episodes before but this is the first time it will be used as the base.

Hope it's the old setting. I remember the latest one wasn't that good anymore.
It's nice they're reviving some old series inside the show. :)
Thank you for the great news Vatican, I like everyone else am looking forward to seeing this. :rofl:
What a time to be alive! :clap:

Now bring back World Downtown. :D
Great news! Now let's only hope it's not 40% recap of old episodes, 40% of unfunny foreign Absolutely Tasty rip-offs and 20% of new content.

Remember the Silent Library revival? :?
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Nice! When will this roll around?
Part 1
これやってみたかってん! 絶対においしいお好み焼き選手権~!! (前編)
Gaki_160807_#1316_Absolutely Tasty Okonomiyaki (1).zip
Thank you very much Ernie. :D
My comments on dishes of this episode:

- Curry okonomiyaki - good idea. It is much faster to make than usual curry rice, and the crew seems to like it.
- Grilled sanma okonomiyaki - looks like astronaut's food. Plus, bitterness of some parts of sanma won't help.

- mapo-dofu okonomiyaki - looks a little too plain, but the tofu has strong taste so it should taste alright.
- protein shake okonomiyaki - pretty much a bad quiche. a great joke dish since Endo has joined Matsumoto's Macho Madness lately. :D

- foil grilled okonomiyaki - the flour can only make it bad.
- cold ramen okonomiyaki - well, okonomiyaki is no cake.
Signed up to express how grateful I am for this. Recently discovered that this place is up-to-date with the latest Gaki no Tsukai, & that it appears Ernie uploads all the raws in HD. That is certainly quite a feat. Thank you very much! *bows*
Wait, so Matsumoto and Yamasaki didn't cook? なんでやねん!!
They will sunday. It' s a 40mn episode. 2x20mn :rock: