[MEGA] Absolutely Tasty Series Complete [Subbed]

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All credits goes to orginal subbers.

Rice - 20.07.2003 (Subbed ) https://mega.nz/#!i40Rib5b!6sy6s81KeT5Z ... ubWyd6FkNI
Pizza - 22.02.2004(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!SxNCFLKI!PirTWH_d4QjA ... muk9FmgbI4
Taiyaki - 27.07.2004(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!Xo0hTQRR!gBHezyxJD5Fz ... 66Bi2-zn-M
Chawanmushi - 03.10.2004(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!zhFUyAJD!0e_4lpw8Gla8 ... DpJ1hPWBRI
Rice 2 - 28.11.2004(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!PwUFiI5B!1aNioJdwW0JO ... AUumIAneM4
Mochi - 05.06.2005(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!25UkgQzJ!zd225aWwTe0x ... -dvewVpVJY
Tempura - 04.12.2005(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!C1Ul3JoD!uOQfwLtfo80A ... KodAOwHsbw
Takoyaki - 12.03.2006(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!Slt3hL5J!aqwStDTmGAOq ... p6ESazwmQs
Nabe (Hot Pot) - 10.12.2006(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!C50jlb5Z!zhEIE4riVoMG ... hscSHVkPx8
Pasta - 06.05.2007(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!PtNUABTI!y-wb7JFqLBdQ ... _4ej_1sit8
Nukazuke - 18.04.2010(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!GwcDjYTB!gw20RlMRKkN8 ... _ke7LsF_M4
Bibimbap - 19.06.2011(Subbed) https://mega.nz/#!q98nnBjR!WUxwlT8XbxLt ... R326PvCN9Y
Cooking I always wanted to try - 14.10.2012(Subbed)
Part 1
Part 2
Thank you kindly. :bow:
First off all thanks for the Files :)

but the Pizza Episode doesnt seem to have subs maybe you could upload a version with them please

thanks in advance
Does the Nabe (hot pot) episode have subs?

I can't see them in either mpv or VLC.
JAVK wrote:
Does the Nabe (hot pot) episode have subs?

I can't see them in either mpv or VLC.

No subs for me either on MPC. Seems like it is the RAW
I have another version with hardsubs.

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