Episode #1489 (2020.01.19) Absolutely Tasty Tapioca

これやってみたかってん! 絶対においしいタピオカ選手権~!!
Gaki_200119_#1489_Absolutely Tasty Tapioca.zip
Thank you very much Ernie san. :D
what is the password on the mega site
tyvm for another great upload.
just a quick question, is there any news on a subtitle for this episode?
Hi Guys !
Thanks for keeping this website alive since all this time :)

I asked a stupid question, nevermind, thanks a lot :)
Subbed by Shion (u/foregroundnoises on Reddit) and u/springmanRIDDELL!! :rock:

https://www.reddit.com/r/GakiNoTsukai/c ... y_tapioca/
https://shionnotsukai.wordpress.com/202 ... y-tapioca/

Edit: Softsub available here. Just search for the episode number..

what is the password on the mega site ?