Subbed Kiki 20 - Oolong Tea (subbed)

hi everyone,

its been awhile since i posted
hope everyone is well :inlove:
here is kiki oolong tea that i subbed
hope you enjoy it! ... g-tea.html
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The Kiki series is my favorite Gaki series (other than NYE's no-laughing games). I always love seeing new episodes subbed.
Date/# for those who care:
Gaki no Tsukai #0846 (2007.03.11) - Kiki Series #20 (Oolong Tea) (subbed)

thx for your work eChie ♥
This TOTALLY made my day =D
Thanks for subbing this. I agree with "Dynasty" the kiki series is also my favorite Gaki series <3 =)
Thanks alot eChie!
Download from (MEGA) :

Kiki Series 20 - OolongTea.avi (222.7 MB)!eQxhyD6a!Mh3jUgH1q ... PswXb68khE

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