[Eng Sub] Kiki #31 - Mizu Yokan (Team Gaki)

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Posting this here as it's been shared on Reddit etc. but don't think it's here. Please chuck a thanks to one of the subbers posts linked under Credits :)
James (Sorry, dunno if he has an account here)


Download Kiki Mizu Yokan .ass
Kiki Mizu Yokan (RAW)

Kiki Mizu Yokan (TeamGaki Downloads)
Kiki Mizu Yokan (Dailymotion)
Gaki no Tsukai #1119 (2012.08.26) - Kiki - Mizu Yokan
Thanks don't think I seen this one yet.
Hahaha that was great. Especially Matsumoto's performance. :rofl:

I wonder why they blurred out the stars on their uniforms at the end of the episode.
The dumb is strong in this one.
Becoz it's usually the moment they show the sponsors, so they blur every thing so peoples focus more on the sponsors.
But it seem they don't have sponsors for a while on GNT.
Anyone got an alternative download for the sub file? The teamgaki page doesn't work for me..
I hope team Gaki don't mind, i uploaded it on mega for you:
https://mega.co.nz/#!d8dx0C6D!lI9SNUF-G ... V5Y8yXVlwI
Thank you Andylau! :D The teamgaki page hasnt work for me the last 2 weeks, keep trying each day, since they're releasing alot of stuff..
Many thanks.
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