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High Tension Series

Posted: 27.09.2009, 22:12
by V-KeiGuy88
High Tension
This is a series where the cast of Gaki and regulars perform their special high-tension acts. There are two patterns of the show. One is in "The Best Ten" show, which is a parody of countdown shows. The hosts are Hamada and Matsumoto, wearing a black tuxedo and a woman's dress, respectively. The other is in a team competition between Team Hamada and Team Matsumoto.

1998 - 2nd High Tension

1998 - 3rd High Tension

2000 - 4th High Tension

2000 - 4th Draft High Tension

2004 - 6th High Tension

2005 - 10th High Tension

2006 - High Tension SP (Summarizing program)

2008 - 12th High Tension

Posted: 07.05.2010, 04:30
by SpikeBender
High Tension 2002

High Tension 2008

Posted: 08.05.2010, 01:51
by SpikeBender
Matsumoto Team vs Hamada Team High Tension

Re: High Tension Series

Posted: 27.08.2010, 03:12
by sovereign
Nice vids; I'd kill for some English subtitles for any and/or all videos in this sub section though :(