(2009 11 08) This week episode: High Tension!! (Ep 979)

As i promised... And since no one cleared something against it... Here's this week episode on Megaupload to download!!!:Image
Download it: HERE!!

Se y'all next week and please don't stop looking my Livejournalfor more than Gaki eps!!

Thanks!! :] :D

subbed ?

Sorry... Nope... None of my uploads are subbed... :(
Gaki no Tsukai Episode 979, Aired on 2009, November the 8th.
Now it's time to present a new top 10 High Tension comedy skit. Downtown will act as hosts and they will go up the list starting from 10.
can someone please reuped this? i want it so bad :)
pleasebeapoop wrote:
can someone please reuped this ?

I wish the same ! :)
megaupload link dead