disclaimer: im not a native japanese speaker, and there are a few gaps in this. i tried my best and i hope everyone adopts the its-better-than-no-subs attitude. also, manzai isnt included


have a positive outlook on it, if you say you want to learn people will point out mistakes in a constructive manner.
Thank you for this! :]
thanks! i'll definitely take any subs over no subs, so keep it up!
You are AWESOME :mm:
Great job :bow: doumo arigatou gozaimasu :bow:
thanks for this, well done
awesome reina-chan! thanks!
Thank you very much
:D thx !!!
That beard suits Hamada! :D
She got the spaghetti Tamori-san and forgot Yama-chan's cocoa!! :rofl:

Any sub is better than no sub...keep up the good work and keep up those studies! Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can translate them eventually. VERY much appreciated.
thanks so much for subbing this!! i love gaki so much to be complaining about the subs ;)

ps. sorry for my english :D
Wonderful subtitles. I appreciate your hard work in doing these. I definitely hope you subtitle more episodes. Now I understand how this game works. :)
:) :rock: