The 2nd Gas Nuki Sushi Hee

This is the 2nd of the Gas Nuki Series.......Enjoy
The 2nd Gas Nuki Sushi Hee

Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for posting!

N/P Man....

video not available anymore
Some time back, I transcribed the subs from the CC (I learned better ways to save them now :^) )
and loaded them onto my youtube channel. ALL CREDITS GO TO THE ORIGINAL SUBBER.
I am quite sure they were done by Black Gaki

Part 1/3 -
Part 2/3 -
Part 3/3 -
gotta love yamasaki's song hahaha funny stuff :rofl: :rofl:
Hamada is a litterbug. I really enjoyed your transcription Solace. Especially with the He-emperor and He-nry. It shows a deeper understanding of the Japanese language.