Chinko Machine (subbed)

Just competed this one, download available from my blog. Enjoy!

Excellent! Very funny !

But I was expecting to see the famous part in which they had to say that sentence quickly without error ^^
Thank you very much :D
Hahahah!! Thank you a lot! :bow: Downloaded! :bow:

can you sub more Oogiri Daigassen? i think tongue twister or what... can you sub that one? Its same like this one. :rock:
such a great way to start the day! thanks! :rock:
Great job! I'm looking forward to more subs by you, mate :)
Haha one of the best batsu's ... to watch ... i wouldnt want to stand there on that batsu xD :P

Thanks a lot Zurui ^^
Haha. That's pretty good.
very funny.....but this is half-part.

Can you sub the half part?
As of now, "the video is no longer available..."
sssnake84 wrote:
As of now, "the video is no longer available..."

I have it up on my blog ... %20Machine
another good one, thank you Zurui!