Episode#1102 2012.04.22 Shoji Murakami Michael Jackson Class

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File down? Send me a pm!
thanks! !

It's up now. JapanCH just being slow for some reason. edit: That's not in HD either it seems.

Also, YESSSSS!! My favorite series.
I think the message on JapanCH's profile says the owner had to go on a sudden trip which affected the video uploads.

On another note, Murakami's method of teaching people how to do the Moonwalk is actually pretty clever :D
May i request for a mediafire link?
This episode is quite funny with the moonwalk stuff.
Endo is very good at moonwalking thats for sure.
↑Ouch that hurts!
Files are up.
File down? Send me a pm!
hi im new in this fanpage does this vid. any chance has a english sub. in it
村上ショージ マイケル・ジャクソン教室 & 着ぐるみトーク (Costume Talk)
Gaki_120422_#1102_Shoji Murakami Michael Jackson Class.zip
Thank you very much. ;)
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