Gaki no Tsukai #1061 -100 questions Kida Taro- 2011.07.03

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And sorry no thumbnails because for some reason mpc does not like the videoformat. If anyone knows whats up with mpc, gom, megavideo,... not using the 16:9 format for the last 2 episodes please tell me. VLC and youtube got no problem with it and if I look up the videos specs with mediainfo it clearly states it's 16:9 so I don't know what's wrong.


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gaki$hand +

thanks for the episode hand awesome work
Fast upload as usual ;) .

hopefully this is 480p, better than lasts month's uploads :D

you can find all questions that have been asked to them in this episode here : ... -194c.html
update: added new stream. also added the password (why do i keep forgetting that |( )
Thanks hand.

btw, is the password really necessary? :)
Well I rather play it safe in that regard. I don't know if it's helping but I don't want the oneclick hoster's to delete all my files nor do I want people to just be able to steal my links without any credit given.
Reup possible...?
All links are dead. :)
Don't ever ask me what THYME is. I know it's a herb, but I'll answer you with this:
Tanaka | Hamada | Yamazaki | Matsumoto | Endou
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