Episode #1095 2012.03.04 100 Questions Matsumoto Hitoshi 2/2

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TeaVilla wrote:
nietzchesass wrote:
The correct answer is: "The fact that Hamada will die before me."

Aaaah so 'hurry going home' means , going to die first .. aha! Thx for clearing that up.
Can't really speculate what's in matsun's mind. He said differently at other occasions which paichu mention.
Imo there will be 2 reason y Hamada might die first:

1. He smoke
2. Too many women :whew: , here pics and also explaining why Kanou sister been in batsu game 2 years in the row.

Long live or...?

He looks mighty happy to me :rofl:

Meanwhile....Matsu looks uncomfortable between the mountains..

Hmm, it seems he's using his influence to get those two women on the show just because he likes them big(I believe in one interview he said he prefers those astronomical size like f or g or something like that). That's kind of tragic, doing it so publicly>.<.
But yeah, he seems very happy, the smile on the 2nd pic seems unnaturally big, like he wants to smile even more but his face doesn't allow it. He does manage to look straight into the camera, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a picture from the same series where he's peeking down to one of his sides :P.

Matsumoto's look is like neutral/serious, probably wondering what he's doing there and why he has to take a pic when it's Hamada's hobby.

But oh well, I guess at least he's going for women his own age, although I get the feeling it doesn't have anything to do with their age, but more their "assets".

Oh, and another point:
How come he knows the answer to question number 85? 0_o I mean, do they talk about that kind of stuff, or is it that he has a similar opinion?
paichu wrote:
but Matsumoto's said twice that he wants to die before Hamada!
Of course, the first time was yeaaaars ago (before the Bald Era) and the second time, Matsumoto added it was because Hamada had a lot to apologise to him for at his funeral, whereas he didn't have to apologise to Hamada for anything...

On hearing Matsumot's answer, Hamada agrees. His reasoning was that he would be bothered by the idea of giving comments in front of paparazzi reporters while looking serious on Matsumoto's funeral. In other words, he would hate giving nice comments about Matsumoto even then and rather than being forced to, he would die first.

I don't remember the exact wording, but that's basically what Hamada wanted the viewers to see as a reaction to Matsumoto's answer in this episode :hai:
How come he knows the answer to question number 85? 0_o I mean, do they talk about that kind of stuff, or is it that he has a similar opinion?

I believe Japanese generally talk about this stuff more often, but it seems in this case that they guessed based on Matsumoto's personality.
(What I want to know is, in Hamada's 500 Questions, how the hell did Endo know that his 'fetish' was 'earlobe'?)
omg the look on Matsumotos face is made of pure gold! ;D

-- 16.07.2012, 21:40 --

Pleeeeaaaase someone sub this! I love these episodes and it makes me sad to still se only Tanaka´s being subbed:(
"Hamada. Are you vertically challenged?"
Hope this is not disrepectful.. but here's some corrections to the earlier posted question translations by Teaville (ごめんね~)

57) What was the most recent quarrel with his wife about?
He did not put enought aroma beans (some sort of little pods of scents) into the humidifier. He mentions she is picky about small stuff like the humidifier.

60) What does he like about Hamada?
That Hamada will die before he does

66) Where would he like to live when he is old (retired)?

69)What would Matsumoto like the most now?

75) Just for one day, Who would He like to be?

76) Amoung the 4, which person would he not want to be reincarnated as?
Tanaka, everyday, he seems to be boring (Tanaka says he is shocked)

81) As a man, how many points would he give himself?
Can I answer seriously? Seriously I would give myself 100pts.

82) Which variety show would he like to have performed again?

85) What is his favorite adult video genre?
Adult video star who just debut into the AV scene
*the rest look at exar's comment

99)What did he say as his marriage proposal?
Actually none as it was a shotgun marriage (Girlfriend was pregnant, thus got married)
"As the baby is conceived, all you can say is, oh well"

100) When does he feel contented?
When he is lying on his futon listening to Rakugo (
REad here about Rakugo
Thanks nexusangel, I don't think TeaVille would mind, I think they did mention at one point that they'd welcome corrections due to struggling with Kanji. Your additions are appreciated. :)

100) When does he feel contented?
When he is lying on his futon listening to Rakugo

Ooh, no wonder he was supportive of Housei becoming a rakugo. ^_^
This has an English sub.

Part 1https://vk.com/video366941468_456239017

Part 2: https://vk.com/video366941468_456239018
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