Cosplay Bus Tour #1 subbed

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thank you for the subs! Can you make them available to download as well? in .ass form or .srt?

I've uploaded the subtitles to Megaupload and added a link in my first post.
But can I just ask - why do you want the sub file?

so i can watch them on my comp at any time :D without having to go onto youtube.

Thank you for the upload!

Wow! Million thanks for the subbed episode! :clap:
damn, my user got deleted.. I'll reupload all the videos I can, but I haven't got that many here on my new computer... my new user name is outlaws0026.
the first video I'll reup is the cosplay tour. A link should be ready soon.
I haven't been on the boards for a while but it's never too late to give thanks! :clap:
Cool thankx m8 8)
thanks for the video dude (gracias por el video ¡¡¡) :nod:
Thank you :)
first part is removed
Any chance this can be uploaded to another host than megaupload? since that is gone now...
This one is so wonderful!

Subbed & Raw Version

Subbed Version


Code: Select all—_Kogyaru.mp4.html

RAW (unsubed )

part 1 is no longer available :( waaaaaH
thank you for the subs !!
tanaka looks so moe with his pigtails ! : :$
Anyhow you can upload subbed files again.? many thanks