Cosplay Bus Tour #2 subbed

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what a wird thing that you cant upload the .ass file, realy xD

you try to .rar it, it will be great if i have the .ass file to traduce it to spanish
Mode99Rox YouTube Account, havent uploaded any videos but in some weeks uploading Hotel Men Sub Spanish.
Great episode! Can't wait for the next one. :D
I have to say, Yamasaki looks cute in that suit and wig :)
Is there a mega upload of this file subbed ?

-- 07.10.2010, 13:04 --

Is there mega upload of this file I can download ? I saw the first Cosplay Bus Tour and now I'm hooked. lol
thanks for the next cap of cosplay bus tour dude¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Thanks you for upload and I will like to subcribe your youtube channel could you please email me "" To give me your youtube channel name.. and i will subcribe :D
Statistics for S&M Queen Cosplay Bus Tour! It says who was safe and who got eliminated. The subsequent games involve less than one person each time.

Game 1: Senda Mitsuo
Safe: Hamada, Fujiwara, Suga, Yamazaki, Endo, Tanaka, Matsumoto
Eliminated: Onuma

Game 2: Katsura Sanshi
Safe: Fujiwara, Suga, Matsumoto, Yamazaki, Endo, Tanaka
Eliminated: Hamada

Game 3: Takeda Tetsuya
Safe: Suga, Matsumoto, Fujiwara, Endo, Yamazaki
Eliminated: Tanaka
お疲れさまでした :clap: :clap:
Can anyone reupload this to something else than MegaUpload, since it's down and all :/ - A Torrent Tracker Dedicated To Gaki No Tsukai
Yamazaki, Tanaka, and Endou actually looked pretty good. :mm:
Here's a megaupload link for the ass sub file

Could you please post the sub file again, as we all know what has happen to megaupload ;)
Subbed & Raw Version for your choice ;)



Code: Select all—_SM_Queen.mp4.html

RAW (Unsubed version )

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Endo and Hamada's costume fit them so well!! hahaha
thanks for subbing these :clap:
コンピュータキティが働いている =^___^=
Is this no longer available? I can't find the download links in the entire thread.
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