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Cosplay Bus Tour #6 (04.03.05)

Posted: 03.09.2009, 03:18
by Homelessbrian
Gaki no Tsukai #751

Length: Approx. 24:00
Size: Approx. 230 MB
Video: 640x480 Xvid
Audio: 98Kbs Mpga (Japanese)
Subtitles: None.

Download Link:

Veoh Link:

Posted: 03.09.2009, 15:27
by Kanzaki

Posted: 03.09.2009, 15:29
by Kanzaki

Posted: 21.10.2009, 07:17
by iniquiti
It's too bad you don't get to see the outcome after the final french kiss :(

Posted: 20.04.2010, 17:37
by paulus
does anyone know the song they play when arriving at each of the sites? just after announcing the loser.
I can hear something like nagamu kawaii kuchizume... but I doubt I got it right

Edit: for those interested... I just found out the name of the song
Original Love - Seppun (kiss)

Posted: 04.08.2010, 08:53
by V-KeiGuy88

Re: Cosplay Bus Tour #6 (04.03.05)

Posted: 20.10.2010, 23:15
by salvadorzombie
Two quick questions. Hopefully someone will know the answers...

1) What is the last game they play, when Tanaka loses? What do you have to name each time?

2) Who is that, that Tanaka has to kiss? He looks familiar...

Re: Cosplay Bus Tour #6 (04.03.05)

Posted: 13.02.2012, 19:45
by FamousAzzkicker
here i found a link to this one , but not subbed... ... b1q1_.html

Re: Cosplay Bus Tour #6 (04.03.05)

Posted: 18.10.2012, 12:58
by HanPL
New download link :)
RAW (Unsubed Version )



Re: Cosplay Bus Tour #6 (04.03.05)

Posted: 28.11.2012, 11:35
by EtherealDuchess

Re: Cosplay Bus Tour #6 (04.03.05)

Posted: 15.03.2013, 17:43
by soudou

Re: Cosplay Bus Tour #6 (04.03.05)

Posted: 30.03.2013, 14:36
by kumon
is it just me or do the zippy links that soudou posted not work? i have a feeling it's just my problem but would love confirmation


Re: Cosplay Bus Tour #6 (04.03.05)

Posted: 30.03.2013, 18:04
by jan619
no it works fine :) maybe u can try it with jloader