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Downtown 2014 (Subbed)

Posted: 29.09.2012, 07:52
by eChie

I have posted a new clip from Gottsu.
Hope you enjoy :) ... -2014.html

Re: Downtown 2014 (Subbed)

Posted: 01.10.2012, 00:36
by Whackjob
I love that they don't take themselves so seriously. Some performers are so bent out of shape about image.

Re: Downtown 2014 (Subbed)

Posted: 01.10.2012, 07:56
by Dynasty
I've seen this subbed before.

Are these new subs? If so, is there a substantial improvement?

Re: Downtown 2014 (Subbed)

Posted: 16.10.2012, 12:56
by calobest

This is what episode ? The number of the program ?
For I can find the original video (RAW), without the subtitles.

Thank you to you to help me.
And thank you in advance ;) :bow:

Good day.