[SO,Mega] Summer Games 2002 MatsumotoVSHamada

a Japanese music variety show on Fuji Television hosted by the comedy duo Downtown, which consists of Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masatoshi Hamada. It is a very popular show with comical hosts who like to pick on their guests. An episode usually consists of live performances (of recently released songs) from popular artists, chat segments and other fun and games.
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Really funny episode. Many thanks.
That last part with Aibon refusing to put her feet into the box was priceless...and it doesn't hurt that Matsumoto was getting into the fun. :rofl:
wowowow too many cute girls in this one =P
thanks. i had a blast watching it.
thanks !! that's an old episode but it's still good to watch ! i liked it! thanks for the links!
Axxo wrote:
Its Matsumoto VS Hamada and the Morning Musume girls. If this was posted before i'm sorry, but I didnt find it here.

Since the old links went dead, here are new ones


Edit: Oh yeah I'm just providing the links, I didnt sub anything, just uploaded it to Megaupload.
Edit2: new DL link

Awesome thx.
My main storage HD died other week and I lost all my gaki dloads. Love this episode needed it again..
Thx so much.. :hug:
thx for reuploading and subbed version ;)
Reuploading please for the RAW version ? :worried:
La Team FR recrute ! Infos et Épisodes à traduire en Français !! ---> viewtopic.php?f=76&t=4548

Dailymotion -> http://2doc.net/c93tk ---- Les vidéos -> http://2doc.net/srsok (Il y a plusieurs pages)
calobest wrote:
Reuploading please for the RAW version ? :worried:

I dont have the raw, sry

-- 22.01.2013, 16:44 --

fyi, I reuploaded it to share-online and zippyshare

-- 22.01.2013, 16:45 --

fyi, I reuploaded it to share-online and zippyshare
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