Hamada Cries

Hosted by Downtown, it features seven other owarai geinin (comedians) in its regular cast, and has several recurring younger, more inexperienced comedians as guests.
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You ruined my day sushishowfan.
My mother 2nd death anniversary is coming soon.
This video make me cry.
Just a heads up so people won't get lost (as I did).
It's the "Radio Prank" video, on the page.

Thanks for sharing.
well at least, he's man enough to admit that he cried :lol:
:salute: to Hamada
I wish the'd added also in the subs Chicken rice was sung by Hamada, I love that song :p No doubt Downtown is a great team, ne? And yes, that wasn't fair, to put that song :p
Konya ga yamada!!
Lincoln is great
sushishowfan wrote:
I have subbed epic episode when Hamada Cries

Thanks for subbing this ... first time I see hamada going emotional, XD

daamn the blond hair guy made me laugh , he cryed soo hard XD
The blond guy is the boke half of Kyaain Udo Suzuki
i don't believe is there anymore ... can you upload it to megaupload? i really want to watch it

i remenber watching this but it was without subs. thanks for subbing by the way i really appreciate all your effort
can't find it :(
Here :D
Udo melts. I can totally see why the team reacts the way they do, especially when seeing Matsumoto as a boy. I know who he called at the end...
Wait i don't understand what exactly is happening in this i just skipped the video and started laughing at the guys crying, is that bad of me?
Heipo (Haunted Hotel Batsu): "Its a curse! ... The cursed samurai!"
@hungryhungry heipo: Not at all. the comedic effect is the crying, so you might not be amused otherwise. The subtitles help ALOT. I also laughed, but it's because I don't cry.
Honestly, I feel like Recazt when I watch this video. But at least I can laugh about it and I don't blame anyone here for ruining my day.

-- 15.02.2012, 03:47 --

It really is a great concept if you think about it. Get the team in their cars - alone - and hit them with the goods. It's really the only way to do it in Japan. There are other circumstances, but they are extremely rare.
I like Lincoln, and wish I could see more of Ameagari Keshitai on this site, but I don't want to make anyone feel obliged. I can find it elsewhere, if I tried.
Thanks for this. It is one of my favorite episode. I wish it would be subtitled entirely. It shows a lot about geinin.
I liked it a lot. And the '' Chicken Rice'' song was, in my opinion, really touching and sad. :)
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